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Productivity Planner

  • Finding the perfect daily planner is easier said than done. Something with lots of space to write in, but not too thick and heavy. Undated, because we like to take a break now and then and hate a wasted page. Has to look good, something we're not embarrassed to pull out in an important meeting. Above all, it must be effective!

    Enter the Productivity Planner, by makers of the Five-Minute Journal.

    If you've ever sat just staring at your to-do list, overwhelmed and not knowing where to start, then this planner is for you.

    The Productivity Planner leads you to prioritize and focus on the top five things to be done each day, assigning a target completion time to each task. Using the Pomodoro Technique which breaks a task down into uninterrupted work sessions of 25 minute each, you track the time spent on accomplishing each task using the provided time bubbles (trust us, filling in each bubble is so satisfying).

    You list the most important task at the top and don't move on to the subsequent tasks below until the task above is done.

    At the end of each day, you give yourself a productivity score and reflect on what you've done, recognizing what went well and what could have been improved upon.

    By utilizing a highly focused approach to managing your to-do list combined with proven time tracking methods, the Productivity Planner is a highly effective way of getting things done.

    The Productivity Planner is beautifully constructed with a black and gold textured, elastic-bound cover, attached ribbon bookmark and smooth premium cream paper – you’ll actually want to write and tackle each day’s to-do list. How’s that for an uplifted day!